Short Term Rental Inspections

In Nashville and Davidson County, the law requires that anyone wishing to rent a property on Short Term Rental Property websites such Airbnb and HomeAway must receive a permit from the Metro Codes Department prior to listing. As of 2022, the short term rental permit applications in these homes must include a inspection certification from a state-licensed architect, engineer, or home inspector that the home complies with Metropolitan Code of Laws § 6.28.030.A.5.b and § 6.28.030.B.5.b. No permit will be issued without this certification.

Springlight Inspections is happy to offer this service for anyone applying for a short term rental permit. Pricing varies, depending on location and square footage. Give us a call today to schedule your short term rental permit inspection!

For more information about the application process, check out’s page on short term rentals HERE!

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